Am I A Gay If I Have A MTF Partner?

I recently received an email from a heterosexual teenager who said he likes a girl, but this girl is special. Because she is a transgender from male to female, this situation caused confusion for the boy. If he interacts with this transgender girl, does he think that he is a gay man who is in a gay dating? In fact, for many people, it is a complicated process to figure out sexual orientation. But for people with transgender partners, these people may have more questions.

Just like the teenager who emailed me: “I just went to college and then dated an MTF for 2 months. I discovered last week that she was a transgender. I like her very much, but I know that she is still dating her after MTF. Does it mean that I am a homosexual? Should I still continue this transgender date? ” This is a question worthy of our consideration. I think the answer varies from person to person. From my personal point of view, my answer is to continue this trans dating relationship, and it does not mean that he is gay. We come to seriously think The logic of this grindr trans, the sexual orientation is the same as the gender of the person you like, not their physical gender. So if you think you are heterosexual and attracted to women, then your date is MTF doesn’t mean you are gay.

Perhaps many people have not yet figured out that the words “sex” and “gender” represent different things, two completely different terms. Sex refers to the physical sex of a person. Women usually have xx chromosomes, while males are xy chromosomes. These chromosomes are genetic material inherited from parents. When a woman’s egg is combined with a man’s sperm, the sex of the fetus is immediately determined. If X sperm fertilizes the X egg, you are going to have a daughter. If Y sperm fertilizes the X egg, you are going to have a son.

Gender refers to the cultural and psychological characteristics of one gender and another. Usually, newborn babies have a penis, so they are considered boys. On the contrary, it is considered a girl. But gender identity is a view of one’s own gender distribution. Sometimes gender identity and sexual disagreement arise, and trans people usually need to face such a grindr trans situation.

Sexual orientation, whether you are a lesbian, a gay, or a heterosexual refers to who you are attracted to. So, now you have an MTF companion, and she is a heterosexual. Even though she is physically male, her gender identity to her is a woman. That is to say, those who date with trans people will consider themselves homosexual or bisexual because they feel that they are not bound by the gender of the partner.

Transgender people are born with both gender, this is the way their life is. If you love her, don’t let anything hold you back. Don’t care of anything about grindr trans, just love her and she deserves it.

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