5 Lies That You Hear on Gay Dating Apps That You Should Not Believe

First dates are a breeding ground for all types of lies and deception. People will find all the gay dating apps for men and gay hookup apps  such as GHunt and GDaddy app in search of the perfect partner or the perfect relationship. And finally you land in to a date in one of your favourite dining out places. You could not be more excited as you found a blind date with local gay men. But you need to tone down your expectations right there. As the real situation is mostly not half as promising as the other person makes it look like.

You might also be phone dating and most gay people are sensitive ao they also dream of a future with that person. First dates are usually an exciting prospect. You are all ready in your favourite suit and it looks like an exciting night out with one very special person that you have been chatting with. If you have thought of only the good aspects than you might also need a reality check. You must avoid all the fishy men and prefer authentic dating. There could be many lies on a gay men dating websites profile which are far from the truth. So here are some lies that you should check out and be aware of :

He Says it’s Complicated
There is a big difference in someone telling you that they are SIngle or in a complicated relationship. Gone are the days when saying “ It’s complicated was a way not to embarrass yourself. If you hear something like that then probably you are in a serious mess. You should so some research and investigations and in many cases even say goodbye to your gay wedding dreams. This could be trouble. It could be one of the possibilities which include :

We are separated : Is that guy getting a divorce. You could only be a bait to make the other person jealous while the guy on a date with you. He’s just my best friend : You better keep up a check on their instagram pictures which will speak more than words. Hashtags like date and love him might mean a lot more

Claiming Athletic Body
This is one of the most common lies. When you are checking out pictures of many men on best gay dating apps and then you come across a guy who claims to have those 8 pack abs. And you have no evidence of it but they say that they are a gym freak. Some people will also lie about their age and weight. It is a very common lie.

Wanting A Serious Relationship
Be vary of the guys who make all the promises in just the beginning of a date. Some people might also boast of wanting a relationship which is serious, but these promises might only be to win your trust. Let the actions speak louder than the words.

Ready To Date
This is going to be an obnoxious one. If you think that the other person is a player with an obnoxious reputation but they say otherwise then do not believe them.

About Love And Being Realistic
Some gay men will tell you that they do not believe in love and want to be more realistic. Be careful as such men might be into Gay Sugar Daddy dating just for the money.